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Islamic Homeschooling: Helping You Too

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In the name of Allah, The Entirely Merciful, The Especially Merciful.

I thank Allah for His infinite blessings, mercy, and favors on me. I praise Him, I worship Him and I glorify His name(The Exalted). May His peace and blessing be upon our beloved Prophet , His companions and those who are on the path of Islam till the Day of Judgement.
Indeed, it was a great blessing from Allah and I felt as well as I  saw His blessing on both of us. Alhamdulillah!!!



My name is Aishah Abosede Egberinola. I am married and have a  kid. I am a Nigerian living in Nigeria. I’m currently homeschooling my son. He turned six years old in the month of Rajab 1441hijri, Maasha Allah!

Below are the tips I use for home schooling my son.


(A) Firstly, I downloaded all the required materials to be taught at the initial level such as ABC letters, 123 numbers,  Islamic moral, Arabic alphabets: alif, baa etc. This is good for children at the beginning. He continued to play with it several times. Hereafter, I wrote the letters and numbers on the cardboards and placed around him to see; which is called visual learning in education. Thereafter, I introduced writing system such as how to write those alphabets/ letters and numbers he saw. Maasha Allaah!



It was like a miracle when he started writing it. Children are learning fast with visual aids such as pictures, photo, image etc.

(B) Use of electronic device such as phone or tablet are also another factorfor effective teaching at home. Parent can download work/lesson on the device and use it for homeschooling as a teaching aid. This helps me a lot and boost the proper understanding of my child.



(C) I introduced writing system like exercise book and more so on the board. Writing on the board makes him/children to be bold enough to confront the other students without being afraid or ashamed. However, writing on books can also be helpful to control and monitor his/ her hand writing skill.



However, after he has learned letters (Aa -Zz in phoenix) both reading & writing within two and half years old,  then Introduction of two letter words followed by how to pronounce the beginning of two or three letterswords and gradually movingto more words. Alhamdulillah, biizinillah by practicing it several times, he can  pronounced most of the words such as vocabulary or any given words.


(D) In numeric, I downloaded reading of numbers from 1-100...he was reading them several times then I introducedwriting of numbers on what he read. After writing 1-100 then moving on to writing of  200 to 300, 400 to 500, 600 to 700, 800 to 900...5000 or more than that. Ditto to mathematics as well I downloaded number base( Number in words) which he can write more than hundred to  thousands and any given numbers to convert to number base. I went further to teach him addition, subtraction , multiplication as well as division. Maasha Allah!  barakallah Feeh.

I taught him almost all the subjects they were doing in the school  but  I focused more on some main subjects such as English language, Mathematics, Quantitative /number work, Verbal Reasoning/ letter work & Arabic letters so as to learn how to recite Al-Quran.

(E) One of those things that make my homeschooling more effective was that anytime he woke up, I made sure the class started without any delay. I also marked His books & scored him.

(F) Another tip for my effective homeschooling is that we started the class as early or as the case may be such as it may be 5/6/7am in the morning because blessings is in the morning according to Prophet Muhammad .

(G) I monitored his reading habit through his English textbook or any other textbook including Social Studies, Science, Agricultural science, Home-economics etc. And tackle any difficult words he may not be able to pronounce in vocabulary or new words.

(H) I bought both textbooks & enough exercise books  to make his practices and teaching aspect  easier.

(I) I have a routine which makes the homeschool more effective such as setting time table and design the room which I use for the class. Like writing difficult word or new word on the cardboard & paste on the wall, design the room/class for effective learning.

(J) I run the homeschooling as normal school activities &give homework/assignments.

(K) I marked & scored different work.

(L) I set tests & exam questions base on what I taught.

Please note that I have a friend that connected me to her children school so that we could attend any outside school activities they organized, like sport day/ interhouse sport, excursion, fun fair, book exhibition, etc.

(M) Arabic / Quranic class : Same as above I downloaded the initial lesson such as how to pronounce the Arabic alphabets in different videos, further more, Introduction of those letter, after that I taught him how to pronounce with arakat,  gradually forming words with their pronunciation and a little meaning, then Introduction of Al- Quran. Then he started reciting al- Quran with monitoring of each words then real recitation begin. biizinillaah!


Note the following:

1. On Learning skill:

Make sure you write on the cardboard or any other related things like that and paste on the wall for effective learning and teaching.

2.  On the assignment

After we had finished the class, he took his book &complete his homework by himself. But I usually gave examples sometimes it may be parts of the classwork or as the case may be.


3.  Routine

Have a timetable and plan each day ahead so that your children will get used to it.



4.  On prayer

To crown it all, He used to say the prayer  of the Prophet Muhammad, that says, "Oh Allah increase me in knowledge and understanding" before starting his studies always because Allah is the one that grant and make  someone succeeds.



In conclusion,

Allah perfected his seven heavens and placed it where it should be, as well as,He perfected the knowledge on Adam and his progeny. He showed us the goods and evils ways for those who have hikmah. I pray to Him to perfect our work, crown our efforts and accept it for us as an act of worship.

I believe that I have expressed myself a little to the best of my abilities and understanding.

And Allah knows best.

Sr. Aishah Abosede E.

Islamic Reflections Member,



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