Lets Learn About Wudu

Lets Learn About Wudu


Wudu is an Arabic work which means the way we wash ourselves before we pray. In English the word is ablutions or ritual washing. Watch the video to see how to do wudu and try it yourself:

You probably made wudhu using a tap over a sink or a bath like this one, but did you know that you can use other types of water to make wudhu? Can you guess what types of water you could use instead?

You can use seawater

You can use rainwater?

You can use water from a river?

The most important thing is that the water must be clean.           

Also, it is important to try not to waste water. This is because Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) said: “Do not waste water, even if you perform your ablution on the banks of a flowing river.”

BUT, what if you have no water and you cannot find any water. OR, what if it is so cold that washing with water will make you ill? Or what if you are already ill?

In that case, you can make wudhu using dry earth. This is called tayyamun.

It is very easy, but different to wudhu with water- just tap the earth and rub a little on your face and hands.

As well as making wudu, it is very important that we keep clean. Even animals like to keep clean- look at this tiger and elephant. Which one do you like best?

Can you answer these questions?

When do we make wudu?

What types of water can we use to make wudu?

What can we use if we don’t have any water?