Why do Children Love to do Sujood?

Why do Children Love to do Sujood?

One of the main features of My Salat Mat, along with the interactive features that guide children through the salat, is that it encourages them to do sujood. In fact, the position of sujood is something that comes naturally to most children, so much so, that Kamal Ali, founder of My Salat Mat became curious about the reasons for this.

He found that sujood is very similar to a yoga move called pose of the child, and that this movement creates a feeling of mental and physical relief. Pondering on this, children live in a world where everything is super-sized to them- people are tall, furniture is large, and there are so many new things to see and learn, so perhaps they feel relief when they go into the position of sujood.

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Moreover, as with many other activities in Islam, sujood has been found to be particularly beneficial nowadays, as a form of grounding or earthing which helps to rid the body of electrostatic charges. In addition, putting ones head on the ground causes activity to move from the top of the head to the front head, improving our thinking capacity.     

While this information is fascinating, we must remember that the main purpose of sujood is to worship Allah, and it states in the Quran, in Surah 96 verse 19, for example,

“…Fall prostrate and draw near to Allah!” In addition, Prophet Muhammed (SAWS) said “The nearest a slave of Allah is to his Lord is in the state of sujood (prostration) so increase the dua (that you make to Allah)” (Sahih Muslim).

Therefore, encouraging children to do sujood is encouraging them to do something natural and something that they feel at ease with, but more importantly, it is essential as they grow in order to assist them in maintaining a routine for their daily prayers that will stay with them through their adult lives as well. My Salat Mat is a highly useful tool that parents and guardians can use to encourage children to do sujood and all the other movements and language necessary to perfect salat. We ask for Allah to bless all our children with a love of salat, ameen. 

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