My Salah Mat has asked people who Homeschool their children and have experience in what works and what does not. Here is Samia from "my Little Alim" who has kindly taken time to write this blog and has produced a great video for us all. For more information, all details and links are within the blog. We hope this helps!





My Salah Mat reached out to ask me about my top advice for parents who have suddenly landed themselves with a new task of homeschooling!

My name is Samia and I live in Canada. I am a working and homeschooling mother of two kids, 4 and 1 years old. Last year, we pulled my eldest out of traditional school so that we could home educate him. So, I have a little bit of a headstart on the situation that parents are currently finding themselves in today.

So, let’s try and understand what is going on here: as a parent, you already have a job: firstly, you are a parent of one or multiple children. Secondly, you are either a working parent or a stay at home parent. That’s already at least two jobs that you are doing. Then, by the will of Allah swt, the entire world goes under a pandemic and the safest thing we can do for our families is to stay home. Schools, libraries, extra-curricular activities, playgroups, daycares - everything gets shut down. So now, on top of the at least two other jobs you are already doing, you have a third job: being a teacher to your kids.



Your kids are used to attending a school which is a system designed to educate children. This system has classrooms, teachers, other students, resources - things that your home does not have. You are not their teacher, their siblings are not their classmates, you are not familiar with the resources or curriculum the school uses. Simply put, your home is not designed to be an educational system.

So here is my one and only advice: google the term DESCHOOL. Deschooling is classified as an adjustment period when transitioning from a traditional school system to a home based learning environment. Methods of learning at home are much different than a classroom of 20+ kids. At home, fractions can be taught by baking a cake; letter recognition can be taught by drawing in some sand; reading can be taught one on one cuddling with your child on the couch.

I suggest you take some time off to spend with your kids. As much as your world has turned upside down, so has theirs. Love each other, pray together and count your blessings! After that, introduce learning through play, see what happens. Children are like sponges, they will absorb your behaviour. So, please be kind, be patient and don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Your children are not going to fall behind by you taking some time to be a family.



That is my number one advice for new homeschoolers; I hope there was something here that you were able to resonate with. Please check out my Instagram page for more homeschooling tips and trying to manage the chaos between balancing work and homeschool. Jazak’Allah to My Salah Mat for including me and until next time, stay safe!

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Salaam! I am Samia and I have two kids whom I homeschool along with work and a home. It's a pretty crazy lifestyle but I am trying to manage it all. I share homeschool activities, printables, kitchen hacks and productivity tips.  Join me on my journey as I share the ways I manage my beautiful chaos! 





This is an unprecedented time for us all. Any help, advice or resources for parents at home with the children will be greatly appreciated by everyone.

If you would like to participate or have some free resources you would like us to link then email us on we would love to hear from you.


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