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The Prayer Times

The Prayer Times

To work out the prayer times we can use a timetable from the mosque which will tell us the time of the five prayers on each day of the year.

This timetable shows the prayer times for

London in the UK for December 2017:

Can you see how the times change a little bit each day?

We use the sun to work out the times, and these times change in the same way as the seasons change. For example, in the UK it starts getting dark at about four o’clock in the winter and nine o’clock in the summer. Have a look out of the window to see what time it starts getting dark where you live.

The first prayer is Fajr. Fajr time is from when it starts to get a little bit lighter until just before the sun rises in the morning. Sometimes it is hard to get up very early, and so Muslims who wake up and pray Fajr are very strong.

This picture shows what it looks like at near the end of Fajr before the sun comes up:

And this is the sun coming up over the horizon- it is too late to pray Fajr now:


The second prayer is Dhuhr. This prayer is in the middle of the day about lunchtime.

The third prayer is Asr, and this prayer comes a little while after Dhuhr depending on the season and where the sun is in the sky. We can use the length of our shadow to find out when Dhuhr and Asr are.

Our shadow will be longer when it is Asr.

This picture shows the people’s very long shadows:


Have a look at your shadow next time you go outside on a sunny day. See if you can notice the times when it is longer and shorter.

The third prayer is Magrib. Magrib prayer is also called the sunset prayer. We pray Magrib just after the sun sets. Sometimes the sun goes red as it setting like in this photograph. The camel owners will stop to pray Magrib soon.

Did you know that Prophet Muhammed (SAWS) had a camel called Kaswa?    


The fifth prayer is Esha. We pray this after is dark when the moon comes out. Look at this amazing photograph of the moon.

If you are awake at night, have a look out of the window and see if you can see the moon.  

It is important to pray all our prayers on time.

Can you put the prayers in the right order?