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Eight Easy Ideas for Making Stylish Eid Cards

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The great thing about making Eid cards is that you can make them as simple or elaborate as you like. They are an excellent idea for keeping the children entertained during Ramadan, perhaps using only a piece of folded paper or card and a few crayons, or as a way of doing some ‘proper’ art – maybe some calligraphy, decoupage or a glitter fest!

Here are eight easy design ideas for making your Eid cards special, so that they can be shared and appreciated by others inshaAllah:

1. Create a silhouette effect by painting a piece of card in sunset colours from red and orange to yellow, top to bottom, or use a range of blues and greens. Once it is dry, use a black marker pen or Sharpie to draw the outline of a skyline or a mosque and fill in the image with the black pen. You should end up with something like this:

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

2. Use shiny sweet wrappers to create a stained glass window effect. Fold a piece of card in half and cut out various shapes on one side. Glue the sweet wrappers to the inside of the card (you can stick a piece of coloured paper over the glued areas to make it look neat). You could cut out geometric shapes, lanterns, a window divided into four squares, or draw a house or mosque and cut out the windows. Place a battery operated tealight candle in the middle of the card, or stand it by the window to get the full stained glass effect.

3. Use potatoes to make stamps for several cards. Cut a potato in half and draw a crescent moon on the cut half. Take a knife and cut away an even amount of potato from around the crescent moon. Use the same technique to make a star, and you can create a classic design. Dip the potato into paint, give it a little shake to remove excess paint, and simply press it down onto the card. Use coloured card and paint in a contrasting colour, or use black card and silver paint for a dramatic effect.

4. Simply buy a range of stickers in a variety of sizes and shapes, and get your children to create their own unique designs. When they have finished, get them to write a message a personal message to the recipient inside.

5. Create elaborate cards with henna designs by using acrylic paint. Use cellophane to make a cone, and stick it securely along the edge using a good quality sticky tape. Fill the cone with acrylic paint and squeeze gently onto card to create your design. Look online for patterns to find inspiration, and use stick on jewels to make the result more glamorous. White and/or gold paint is particularly effective, or you could even use a tube of real henna.  

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