Get the positive Iftar vibes!

Get the positive Iftar vibes!

It’s the end of the day, you’re feeling pleased that you’ve made it, but you’re hungry and can’t wait to eat. Here’s some advice for a positive iftar, which is really important when little eyes are watching you!

  • Make sure you set out what you are going to eat when you immediately break your fast, such as dates, water or milk, samosas and fruit. Get the kids involved and use special dishes or napkins to mark this special month, such as these from Zazzle: https://www.zazzle.co.uk/ramadan+napkins

  • During the half an hour before iftar, put Makkah live on the television or laptop to create a soothing atmosphere.
  • Have the dua for breaking fast written on notelets or cards for those who haven’t memorized it, and sit down five minutes before the adhan to make dua, as the dua of the fasting person is accepted inshaAllah.
  • Stay cheerful, even halfway through Ramadan when you’ve been working and you’re feeling tired. Focus on the reward for this special moth, and that one of the gates to Jannah is for those who fast.
  • After your initial food and drink, pray Isha. This will allow your stomach to settle and get used to digesting food before you have a larger main meal. This was the practice of Prophet Mohammed (SAWS) and his companions.
  • If your older children are fasting, make sure you give them a treat such as a small chocolate, or perhaps buy Ramadan advent-style calendars for them to open at iftar. For younger children, encourage them to fast for a few hours before iftar so that they get the same feeling of enjoyment when they eat with you.

We hope these tips help, and we wish everyone a happy and productive Ramadan.