Importance of eating as a family during Ramadan

Importance of eating as a family during Ramadan

Importance of eating as a family during Ramadan

As Muslims, we are responsible and answerable for our own acts of worship, but we are encouraged to do many things together to promote the concept of community and to earn more reward from Allah swt. Eating together brings many blessings for Muslims, and is encouraged in the Sunnah.


Wahshi bin Harb (RA) reported: Some of the companions of the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: “We eat but are not satisfied.” He (SAW) said, “Perhaps you eat separately.” The Companions replied in the affirmative. He then said: “Eat together and mention the Name of Allah over your food. It will be blessed for you.” 

[Abu Dawud].

 Gathering with our family members and reciting ‘Bismillah’ before eating can increase the barakah of our food. Such a simple habit can bring great blessings every day into our homes, Subhan’Allah.

 In Ramadan, Allah swt multiplies our rewards for every single act of worship.

 Make an effort then, to eat Suhoor together each day. Among its many blessings is that it gives us the strength to fast and worship throughout the day, it wards off negative attitudes, and makes it easier to pray Tahajjud and make dhikr in the last part of the night - all admirable acts of ibaadah.



Adjust your schedules so you can eat Iftar together as much as possible, and invite friends and family to join in and share in the blessings.


While you may not be able to do everything you’d like during this sacred month, take comfort in knowing that this small adjustment to eat together is worship too.



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