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Ten ways to make Eid Fun on a Budget

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Eid is a special time for all Muslims and it’s important that our children realize this, especially for those living in the West, as our children see Christmas, Easter and birthdays, which all seem fun and really attractive. However, sometimes money is tight, or perhaps it’s just about sensible, so here are some tips for making Eid fun without breaking the bank:

1. It’s sunnah to wear new clothes on Eid, but this can be difficult on a budget. Try to plan in advance and look in the sales several months prior to Eid in order to manage this. If you are unable to afford new outfits, jazz up what you have: clean shoes; add some accessories such as hats or headbands; replace shoe laces; add a scarf or jewelry; just buy new socks – there’s nothing nicer than the feel of new socks!

2. Make bunting out of paper hoops linked together – just cut out thin strips of paper, loop together and stick with glue or sticky tape. Children will enjoy seeing just how long they can make the bunting!

3.Use a roll of cheap, colourful wrapping paper as a table cover – simple but very effective. Here’s a fun one for kids who love dinosaurs:

Wrapping paper from B&M Stores (99p)
4. Make your own sweet cones by cutting a freezer bag at an angle to make a triangle. Fill the triangle with sweets, twist the opening, and tie it with a ribbon or piece of string.
5. Go to Eid prayer and get involved in activities organised by your local mosque or Islamic centre. It is very common for Muslims who do not usually attend to visit on Eid, so don’t be shy, and let your children enjoy making new friends.
6. Go somewhere different and just have fun with your children. Go to the park; buy a frizby or a rounders set and go to an open field to play; have running races; visit a castle or a free museum and allow your children to use their imagination.
7. Visit friends and family. If you don’t want to go empty handed, make a lentil dish such as dhal, or get the children to make rice krispie cakes; here’s a very simple recipe from Baking Mad:
8. Have a movie night. Everyone must wear pyjamas and take their pillows and quilts into the living room. Make your own popcorn out of maize kernels, and serve instant hot chocolate with marshmallows on top.
9. Buy your children gifts such as jigsaw puzzles and activity booklets so that they have something to do throughout the day when you may be busy with other things. Check out our activity booklets at: and also keep your eye open for our free to enter competitions.
10. Make your children a tent out of blankets and bed sheets, and use battery operated tealights (you should be able to find a pack or six for 99p) to create a special effect. Tailor the ‘camping experience’ to your child, for example by providing tea towels for their teddys and dolls’ beds, or put a blanket over your head and be a scary but fun ‘bear in the woods’.

Whatever you do, your children will appreciate the time you spend with them, which is far more precious and memorable than expensive clothes and gifts.

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