What is this Project?

We love to seeing children use our Interactive Prayer Mat. We have started to give childern a Sujood Certicate.

We believe this could be a great way to encourage children to start their learning of Salah and having something a certicate will only motivate them to continue.

We are happy to announce My Childs Sujood. For this we are encouraging friends and parents to photograph their child during Sujood whilst using their MySalahMat.

All parents who participate will get their own Certicate to congratulate their child on their journey of Salah.

Our Inspirational Children

Meet Ali Mousa & Zoriaz nadeem!
Age: 6 | Location: UAE

Assalamoalikum. My name is Ali Mousa and I am 6 years old. I am in
grade 1 and I love minecraft. I love to swim and play football. I have
one little brother who is my best friend. We oer namaz together with
my papa. I love chicken burger and vanilla shake. I like to watch Ninja
mutants. I am memorizing Namaz and I try to be a good Muslim.


Ammarah is 6 years she loves building lego and puzzles. Her favourite
food is chips and her favourite lm is Puss in Boots.

Hibah is 4 years old, she loves to make stu. Her favourite food is
pasta and her favourite programme is Gormiti.


Eliza is very observant, caring and thoughtful to everyone around her.
She loves to play with her siblings; either it’s cars or trucks with her
brother or funny faces with baby Isra. Eliza loves her grandfather the
most- and she always used to sit by him during salah when she was
small. Now she happily joins in with her My Salahmat. This beautiful
bond is even more meaningful when they share the ritual of prayers


Nyle is a naughty boy, he can never sit still and the cutest curios
questions all the time. A very smart soul.


The Process is Simple

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    STEP 1

    Take a photo of your
    child in Sujood

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    STEP 2

    Post this on Instagram
    Tag @mysalahmat

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    STEP 3

    Email us so we can get
    your childs name and
    personalise the


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    STEP 4

    We will send you a
    . if you wish
    you can send us a photo
    of your child holding the
    certicate and get on
    our website and Inspire
    many more!