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Interactive Educational Prayer Mat

A prayer mat that will help children learn how to pray salah in a fun, easy and enjoyable way

My Salah Mat

My Salah Mat is a prayer mat designed to educate children on how to perform the Muslim prayer in a fun and enjoyable way.

The interactive prayer mat is touch sensitive and has pre-recorded keys that can be touched to reveal the sound, such as the Adhan, prayer times, how to do wudu, recite surahs, say duas, and much more.

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Product features

  • 36 Touch Sensitive Keys

    Each key will play a different part of the salah. For example we have Wudu Key, which tells the learner how to do wudu. Key for Qibla, Adhan, and much more...

  • 7 Languages

    Translated to 7 different languages, we have English, Malaysian, Urdu, Indonesian, French, Arabic & Turkish to start with. 

  • Stand & Pray

    When you stand on the prayer mat, it recognises you are standing for prayer. It will start from Allahu Akbar. 

  • Waterproof & Fire Resistant Material

    This interactive prayer mat has been made using waterproof and fire resistant material.

  • Volume Control

    3 levels of volume control, when you need it louder its there for you. 


    Alhamdulilah we have a Patent Pending.

  • Free 12 (24pp) page Salah Activity Book

    Specifically developed for children, this activity book will help children learn in a fun and easy way. Making Salah enjoyable. 

  • Free Guide for Parents

    We have developed a booklet to help parents teach their children salah with our Interactive Prayer Mat. This guide will give parents some tips on how to engage and inspire children to want to pray salah. 

  • Inspire The Love Of Salah

    Children actively want to Pray, the first thing they want to do when they see this prayer mat is SUJOOD. Subhan'Allah. Its amazing.

  • Children's educational interactive prayer salah mat

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Mum's Review 😃

What are mum's saying about My Salah Mat? 

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How to Educate Your Children to Perform Salah

Teaching our Children How to Perform Salah is not the easiest thing. While it may be easy for them to mimic us while we pray, there are so many elements to prayer and one of the biggest things is to not let it be a daunting task for kids!

The importance of the prayer in Islam cannot be understated. It is the first pillar of Islam that the Prophet (PBUH) mentioned after mentioning the testimony of faith, by which one becomes a Muslim.

I was reading a blog post about Islam & Kids on Haute Hijab recently and I loved how the author put this “Whether positive or negative, pay close attention to how you’re modeling your own observance of worship because that is the most significant teaching you’re doing for them!”

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How to Teach Kids to Pray & Love Salah

We asked women in our FB group (Productive Muslimaat) – “WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST STRUGGLE IN SALAH (particularly praying on time)”? and most women said that it was their children because of whom they struggle to pray on time. And of course, as mothers of small kids ourselves, we understand that struggle.

The struggle of praying in peace while one kid is riding on your back during prostration and the other is lying in front of you.

The struggle of keeping your cool during salah while the kids fight with each other.

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Teaching children to pray behind our backs doesn’t come easy. It is a struggle we all relate with. It takes perseverance, years of encouragement and gentle reminders before they learn that praying 5 times a day is a way of life for us Muslims.

Children need to be first taught to love prayer. But how do you teach your child to actually LOVE it if they aren’t even cooperating to pray on time?

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My Salah Mat – Review

As a Muslim mother, I’m always on the look-out for ways in which I can keep Islamic values alive at home. Whether it’s through community events, family traditions, or Islamic products, I try to ensure that my kids have as much exposure to Islamic teachings as possible. Today I am talking about how My Salah Mat helps me with this goal and why it has proven to be an amazing product for me. 

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I remember when I first became a mother, I couldn’t wait to introduce my child to Islam. Over the past 11 years, from praying with little babies on my lap to starting our eldest son on his prayer journey to watching my girls pray next to me, my husband and I have learnt so much about teaching children Salah.

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My Salah Mat- A prayer mat to help develop Habit of Salah in kids.

Living away from your own family and your culture gets challenging sometimes, especially when it comes to teaching your kids about Islam and its values. So, I have always been looking out for play based activities to teach my daughter about Islam because nowadays kids want to try out something new and interesting. And one thing that really is helping me with this is My Salah mat. 

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My Salah Mat is an interactive educational prayer mat for Muslim children to teach them how to pray. I was taught how to pray by my grandmother since I was lucky to grow up living in the same house as her. Times have now changed and children learn through various interactive ways. The parents and family members still remain the principle teachers, but tools definitely help.

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Media Coverage

Alhamdulillah Asian Image has written a feature on their website. Alhamdulillah we were on BBC Leciester, and due to appear on TV. Please stay in touch and we thank you for your kind support! Our aim is always to help children learn salah and love salah! Insha'Allah. 

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From apps to prayer mats: Four ways technology can power up your Ramadan

Here’s one way to make praying more interesting for the little ones: an interactive prayer mat.

My Salah Mat teaches children how to pray using appealing sounds, colours and images. It introduces salah, one of the most important pillars of Islam, to children in a fun, easy and interactive way. 

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