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Meet My Salah Mat: Educational Prayer Mat

The Fun, Easy & Interactive Way to Teach Your Children The Beauty of Salah


My Salah Mat is an Interactive Educational Prayer Mat. Created to educate children on how to perform the Muslim prayer in a fun and enjoyable way. Children are taken on an interactive journey through the process of Salah, from Wudu to final Dua's.


Designed to enable children to learn and fully immerse themselves into Salah, the interactive prayer mat uses touch sensitive technology, keys that can be touched toreveal sound, such as the prayer times, how to do Wudu, recitation of Surahs, daily Duas, and much more.


The touch sensitive technology enables the prayer mat to recognise and respond to the specific prayer positions, this enables the user to be guided through the prayer with ease, they are focused and alert to the call of the Muslim Prayer.

30 day
Money Back
Safety Tests to
Customer Service

Product Features

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    Touch and Play

    36 Touch Sensitive Keys.
    Push to reveal sound.

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    Learn about: Wudu, Adhan, Surah & Dua, Salah Times, Salah Positions, and Many More

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    15 Languages

    English, French, Arabic, Urdu, Malay, Turkish, Indonesian, Bengali, German, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish & Bosnia

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    Auto Play

    Stand on the mat and it plays 2 Ra’kat Salah in order

Safety & Design

We have ensured all safety standards are met so that you and your children can pray in peace! Insha'Allah

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    Safety Certificates

    My Salah Mat has been tested & certified to US, EU and GCC Standards

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    7 Layers Mat

    •  Foldable
    •  Waterproof
    •  Fire Resistant Material

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    Control Features

    •  Volume Control
    •  Automatic Power System

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    No Li-ion

    only requires 3 AA batteries and does not have an lithium batteries inside of it

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    A1 : Fajr
    A2 : Dhuhr
    A3 : Asr
    A4 : Maghrib
    A5 : Isha
    B0 : My Salah Mat Introduction
    B1 : Wudu – including du’a
    B2 : Qibla
    B3 : Adhan
    B4 : Du'a for Adhan
    B5 : Intention
    B6 : Takbeer Stage
    B7 : Takbeer
    B8 : Qiyam
    B9 : Surah #1: Al’Fatiha
    B10 : Surah #114:  An Nas
    B11 : Surah #113: Al’ Falaq
    B12 : Surah #112: Al’Ikhlas
    B13 : Surah #111: An Masadd
    B14 : Surah #110: An Nasr

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    B15 : Surah #109: Al’Kafirun
    B16 : Ruku
    B17 : Du'a for Ruku
    B18 : I’tidal
    B19 : Du'a for I'tidal (First Part)
    B20 : Du'a for I'tidal (Last Part)
    B21 : Sujood
    B22 : Du'a for Sujood
    B23 : Julus
    B24 : Du'a for Julus
    B25 : Sujood
    B26 : Du'a for Sujood
    B27 : Julus
    B28 : Tashahhud
    B29 : Salawat
    B30 : Tasleem
    B31 : Du’a x 12 dua’s
    B32 : Surah #2: 255 (Ayat Al Kursi)
    B31 : End

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    C1 : 1 Head Sensor
    C2 : 1 Nose Sensor
    C3-C4 : 2 Hand Sensors
    C6-C5 : 2 Knee Sensors
    C7-C8 : 2 Shin Sensors
    C9-C10 : 2 Feet Sensors
    D1 : 3 Volume Settings
    D2 : Rak’ah Explanation Key
    D3 : 7 Languages
    E1 : On/Off Button
    E2 : Light Indicator When On
    E3 : Speaker (3 Volume settings)

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    Size of the Mat : 103 x 72 cm
    Size of the Box : 42 x 32 x 10 cm
    Weight of the Mat : 520 grams
    Weight of the Mat in Box : 900 grams
    Materials Mat is made from :
    Waterproof and Fire proof
    Required : 3 AA batteries

It will teach the children:


The different times of salah


The different positions in salah


What to say during those different positions


Where to place the feet, knees, hands and head

Suitable from the age of 3


Be very playful and make the salah something that is interesting, fun and easy.


Get the My Salat Mat out at more regular intervals and give plenty of praise when your child has a go.


This is the age at which it is recommended to start teaching your child how to do salah in earnest.


Children should be able to use it with minimum guidance and it is important to tell them about the importance of salah and the reward from Allah.

Benefits of using My Salah Mat

Long term benefits of a tool such as the interactive prayer mat



My Salah Mat is designed to help children of all abilities to support their preferred way of learning, whether they are audio learners, visual learners or kinaesthetic learners.


Children can practice reciting the Quran with Tajweed, as the reciter on My Salah Mat has studied Quran for 10 years, both in Egypt and Makkah, where he was given Ijaza.

Fun & Easy


Children love the My Salah Mat and we have noticed that the first thing children want to do when they see it is SUJOOD!


Using My Salah Mat makes learning salah a fun and enjoyable experience, with its colourful layout, buttons to push, and audio sounds.

Installing Good Habits


Just a few minutes every day with your guidance combined with the My Salah Mat, your child will be praying perfectly InshaAllah.


Learning from routine is important as children do not learn habits over a short period of time, but through a continuous process (a little bit every day), Insha'Allah.

Spiritual & Physical Benefits


Sajda is good for calming children down and ultimately, connect with Allah and prepare children to read dua before sleeping.


Once salat becomes a habit and something the person feels the need to do on a regular basis, if they stop, they will feel as if something is wrong physically as well as spiritually.

Our Customer Stories

"Bought one for my daughter as she is older than my other two but the other two are fighting over it I think I might have to get another two"

Rehan Ray Rehman
Verified Purchase

"Masha Allah, It’s really a very useful Salah mat for children and also who is learning how to do a Salah. it’s a highlighted thing Alhamdulillah"

Mohammed Suhail
Verified Purchase

"Mashallah this looks amazing.
It’s about time we had more interactive Islamic products for kids to make learning fun."

Bismillah Beginnings
Verified Purchase

"MashaAllah, Where was this product when I was growing up."

Noreen Aslam
Verified Purchase

A must for little ones Learning to pray!
"We opened the box immediately and my kids were so excited. It is so informative. This prayer mat teaches from start to finish. It even has a guideline book for parents, an activity book and a step by step text with the adhan, duas b4 salat, everything. So very well thought out. Thanks"

Verified Purchase

Great audio & learning instrument
"My son absolutely loves it! He keeps playing surah fatiha and is learning so much from it. I wish I could get it for all the kids at the masjid."

Amazon Customer
Verified Purchase

My kids Love it
"My Salah Mat is amazing!! I’m so happy that I purchased it! I have a 7 year old and 5 and 2 year old and this is the best way to teach them how to pray it’s fun for them and it will have them praying on there own in no time I definitely Recommend it!!"

Verified Purchase

"We are currently using this salah mat in our Madrasah to teach younger children how to pray step by step. The kids love this. The teachers love this and we have recommended parents to purchase this salah mat because learning is fun and interactive."

Aminah Ilyas
Verified Purchase

"Must have prayer mat for parents teaching their children how to pray. We bought two months ago and our 9 year old can now pray independently."

Samra Ali
Verified Purchase

Wonderful products.
"I love this product. Bought for my 4 year old and 7 year old. It has literally everything they need to learn salah & extra duas, about prayer times and wudu etc... also great instruction pack for the parents and fun tasks for kids. V easy to assemble- just unfold and it is kind of self explanatory. I figured it out without the instructions but it is helpful to read and easy to follow too. GREAT JOB on this product. I bought from the sellers directly on their website and will leave same review there- Am so happy with the product so am sharing on Amazon! May Allah reward your efforts!"

Verified Purchase

"A beautiful product for children, well made and one of a kind! Makes learning prayer fun and enjoyable for kids. Would definitely recommend!"

Naomi Macklin-Carr
Verified Purchase

"It’s absolutely amazing. it teaches kids how to pray to duas, it’s help them to concentrate on salah. its absolutely brilliant soubahanallah"

Suleca Balde Embalo
Verified Purchase

just what we want
"Item arrived perfectly packed and have full instructions to use the prayer rug."

abdulla alzayani
Verified Purchase

very good product
"Thank you so much.Its much better than I had expected it to be. A very smart product and I am recommending this to almost every parent! A fantastic eid present :) "

Verified Purchase

"Best gift my daughter received from her grandparents. Amazing quality and very educational. We love the workbook that comes with the prayer mat. My daughter is only 6 but has learnt most of the surahs through by listening and repeating."

Selina Amar
Verified Purchase

"We received our salah mat today. We loved the colours, packaging and sound quality. The free activity book with the surahs is also a very good. Can not wait to start using this with our twins and teaching them how to pray."

Farah Akbar
Verified Purchase

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Your Return Policy?

We have a 30 day money back gaurantee. If you are not happy with the product please return it for a full refund. No questions asked.

How Long Does Delivery Take?

Is This Product Safe For Children?

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Check also My Salah Mat products at your favorite stores. Please check that they are stocking the original My Salah Mat. If you are unsure please ask us and we will confirm if they are an official reseller. Also look out for the Hologram Sticker on the box.
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My Salah Mat
Educational Prayer Mat

The Fun, Easy & Interactive Way
to Teach Your Children
The Beauty of Salah
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