My Salah Mat (Prayer) Activity Book

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The My Salah Mat Activity book comes with every My Salah Mat, but it is also available for individual sale. Parents have voiced that when buying one interactive Prayer Mat for two children, an extra activity book is needed, so we do not want to disappoint our little brothers and sisters! So here is the Activity Book for individual sale!

The My Salah Activity Book comes jam-packed with puzzles and crosswords,key words and prayer times, extra guidance on how to do Salah, written Surahs and Dua’s, Quizzes, colouring pages, and further instructions on how to use the prayer mat. It is the perfect companion to the My Salah Mat. Insha’Alla


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    My Salah : Prayer Activity Book

    About Activity Book

    Each key and step of the prayer mat is clearly shown in the Activity Book.

    So if the children want to learn what 'Subhana Rabbi Al-A'la' means – it's in the activity book.

    The children can follow the Surahs word by word, learn the Arabic and then understand the English.

    It’s also an activity book with crosswords and puzzles around the topic of Salah.

    This Activity Book includes:

    1.     Puzzles
    2.     Crosswords
    3.     Key Words in Salah
    4.     Prayer Times
    5.     Adhan
    6.     Wudu
    7.     Salah process
    8.     Surahs
    9.     Duas
    10.   Quizzes
    11.   Colouring pages
    12.   And so much more

    20 Colorful Pages
    Dua & Short Surahs
    How to do Hajj & Umrah
    Fun Activities & Much More ...
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