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    30 day money back guarantee

    We truly believe in our product and we truly believe that if you’re not happy then you should have the opportunity to have your money back.

    This 30 day money back guarantee is a no questions asked policy. We do not want you to have something you are not happy with. Although we are really confident that you will for sure be happy with it insha’Allah.

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    Easy Return

    If wish return the product after the 30 days you can do that. This maybe for a number of reasons and we will deal with each one. After the 30 days you may need to cover the delivery cost to return, again we will look at each case individually. And again we our policy is easy and we try our utmost to help and support our customers. 

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    Easy Replacement

    Easy return means that if you do get a faulty product by chance, and wish not to have your money back but would like a replacement. We will send out a new product to you free of charge.

    You can Email us at info@mysalahmat.com