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Hajj Explained | For Kids | 2022

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Why do we do Hajj?🕋

The Hajj pilgrimage is an obligation that should be completed at least once in all able Muslims lives. It is also believed that the journey allows Muslims to wipe away any sins and wipe the slate clean in front of Allah (SWT).

Muslims retrace the route as followed by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and prophets Ibrahim (AS) and Ismail (AS) before him, as well as the path that the wife of Ibrahim (AS), Hagar, ran seven times between two hills as she sought water for her dying son.

In Islamic belief, Allah (SWT) created a spring that continues to run to this very day. This blog will take you through the process of Hajj in a easy to understand way!


1. To complete Hajj, Muslim pilgrims visit several places around Makkah. At each place, the pilgrims perform the religious acts of previous prophets.

2. Prophet Muhammed (SAWS) did Hajj, and he explained exactly how to do it.

3. When Allah told Prophet Ibrahim (AS) to take his son, Ismail, and follow His command, Shaytan tried to stop him three times. Prophet Ibrahim (AS) realised it was Shaytan and threw stones at him.The pilgrims throw small stones at the three jamarat to symbolise what Prophet Ibrahim (AS) did.

4. Muslims spend the day at Arafat and make a lot of dua. It is a day of forgiveness.

5. The Day of Arafat is very important because this ayat of the Quran was revealed on that day: "This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favour upon you and have approved for you Islam as religion” (Surah Al Maidah vs 3).

6. On Hajj, the men wear a simple white cloth. This is so that everyone, rich or poor, is exactly the same. The best one is the most religious one - not the one with money and fancy clothes.

7. During Hajj, the pilgrims enjoy drinking Zamzam water, which comes from a well that appeared when Prophet Ismail (AS) was a baby. He was with his mother, Hajar, alone in the desert without food or water, when the Zamzam water sprung out of the ground.

8. Prophet Ismail’s (AS) mother, Hajar, ran between the hills of Safa and Marwa, desperate and searching for help, before the Zamzam water appeared. The pilgrims walk and run between these two hills just like Hajar did.

9. The day of Eid is a huge celebration. Each Muslim arranges for an animal to be sacrificed for the Eid feast. Nowadays, because there are so many pilgrims, the meat is sent to poor people in different countries.

10. At the end of Hajj, the pilgrims do farewell Hajj - doing Tawaf around the Kaba seven times just like the prophets did. The pilgrims are very sad when they leave Makkah.


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