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My Salah Mat has asked people who Homeschool their children and have experience in what works and what does not. Here is Hafsa from Mama teaches Me who has kindly taken time to write this blog and has produced a great video for us all. For more information, all details and links are within the blog. We hope this helps!


What to do with your kids at home?

Are you at home with the kids and looking for ways to teach them? What can you actually do with your children that’s simple and easy? Do I need to replicate classroom teaching at home?


The first thing to remember is our children are always learning something as they experience the world around them. They connect the dots with each new bit of experience or information they process. You can set aside some time in the morning for more of the academic learning, but don’t expect them to be doing this all day from 9am to 3pm – this also isn’t how school works! But I understand we need to find ways to get our children to be screen-free too, so here’s a few ideas on what you can actually try:


  • Baking in the kitchen
  • Poetry tea time – have a picnic at home with your favourite tea and cakes and read your favourite poems
  • Have a read-a-thon
  • Check out all the free resources that are being shared around. Here’s some from me - we've also got a section for free resources and I’m sharing a rhyming colouring book for free called Allah Made Everything Colourful
  • Try some easy science experiments at home – check out @thedadlab if you need any ideas.
  • Have an afternoon of playing board games. One of our favourite is Scrabble.
  • You could even go and have some fun like we did the other day by using this YouTube video to make this really cool marble run.
  • You can teach them a little bit sewing and create a softie using felt or recycle some fabric and wool.
  • Try some home workouts with PE with Joe – LIVE weekdays 9am (GMT)
  • Use My Salaah Mat with the fun Activity book and use this time to start your children’s salaah journey!
  • You can do some bird watching out in the garden
  • You can pull out all your puzzles, Lego and toys and spend time in the garden
  • Try a little role play or imaginative play by dressing up or using props
  • Play some sports in the garden




So alongside Mama Teaches Me. I also run Nurturing Mamas (@nurturing.mamas) with my friend Mariam. And over on our page you'll find a whole list of activities and ideas that you can do with your children at home. You can sign up to our mailing list at to grab that freebie for yourself.


Remember our children are always learning and most importantly will look to us as their parents – their first teachers – so use this time to connect with them as a parent. See this as an extended summer holiday with your kids. This isn't forever, it’s temporary and Insha’Allah we will get through it and have a wonderful Ramadan. For now we just need to count our blessings.




Guest post by Hafsa @mamateachesme 

Hafsa is Former Primary School Teacher from London, turned Homeschooling Mama who now resides in Makkah with her husband and 2 girls.  Hafsa creates digital resources and plans for parents and Homeschooling parents and loves all things creative! Hafsa blogs at and co-founded – a membership group helping parents and homeschooling mamas.





This is an unprecedented time for us all. Any help, advice or resources for parents at home with the children will be greatly appreciated by everyone.

If you would like to participate or have some free resources you would like us to link then email us on we would love to hear from you.



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