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Charities Making an Impact in Palestine: A Brief Overview

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As the conflict continues in Palestine, many compassionate souls across the globe search for ways to extend a helping hand. Yet, diving into the realm of charitable giving for Palestine can be both overwhelming and perplexing. This guide simplifies that journey for you. Here, we spotlight ten remarkable charities that have been tirelessly championing positive change in Palestine, ensuring that your goodwill finds its way to those who truly need it. Delve in, and let’s explore the heart of these organizations together.

  1. Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA) -
    • Focus: Children's rights, welfare in the Middle East.
    • Contributions: Over $29M in aid since 1988 to Palestine, Iraq, and Lebanon.
    • Support Options: Direct donation, stock gifts, attend events, shop their gifts.


  1. Muslim Aid USA -
    • Established: 2014
    • Mission: Humanitarian assistance irrespective of race, religion.
    • Services: Medical missions, mobile clinics.
    • Support Options: Direct donation, fundraising campaigns, volunteering.


  1. Interpal -
    • Established: 1994
    • Focus: Poverty alleviation, humanitarian aid, community empowerment.
    • Programs: Education, healthcare, sustainable livelihoods, emergency relief.
    • Support Options: Direct donation (various purposes), volunteering.


  1. Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) -
    • Established: 1991
    • Goal: Medical care for Palestinian youth.
    • Achievements: Treated tens of thousands since inception.
    • Support Options: Direct donation, fundraisers, Amazon Smile.


  1. United Palestinian Appeal (UPA) -
    • Established: 1978
    • Focus: Healthcare, education, children’s welfare, food security, economic development.
    • Notable Projects: Illuminating Gaza.
    • Support Options: Direct donation, gift programs, Amazon Smile.


  1. Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA) -
    • Established: 1993
    • Mission: Alleviate global poverty.
    • Projects: Orphan Sponsorship Program in Gaza.
    • Support Options: Direct donation, advocacy, volunteering, attending events.


  1. United Hands Relief and Development (UHRD) -
    • Focus: Education, healthcare, emergency response, sustainable development.
    • Services: Relief aid in times of crisis.
    • Support Options: Direct donation, employment/volunteering, matching gifts.


  1. iF Charity -
    • Location: UK
    • Mission: Community development, Covid-19 aid, education in Gaza.
    • Notable Work: Medical clinics, educational projects.
    • Support Options: Direct donation, volunteering, fundraising.


  1. American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA) -
    • Established: 1968
    • Focus: Needs of refugees in the West Bank and Gaza.
    • Areas: Healthcare, education, economic development.
    • Support Options: Direct donation, fundraising, spreading awareness.


  1. Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) -
  • Established: 1982, UK-based
  • Mission: Raise awareness for rights of Palestinians under Israeli occupation.
  • Campaigns: Boycott of sponsors supporting Israeli settlements.
  • Support Options: Direct donation, volunteering, supporting campaigns.


This is a condensed guide. Delve deeper into each organization to understand their complete mission, achievements, and support opportunities.


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