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How Can I Teach My Child About The Quran? (Introducing The Quran At A Young Age)

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The Quran is literally the divine word of Allah (SWT), revealed to the prophet Muhammad (SAWS) through the Angel Jibreel (AS). The first word recited was “IQRA'' meaning “To Read.” For Muslims around the world, the Quran is the most important book ever written, containing the lessons and guidance they need to live peaceful, healthy lives. 

But when it comes to teaching a child about the importance of this book, it can be difficult. There’s a lot for them to learn, especially if Arabic is not their first language. In the following post, we’re going to offer some advice as to how you can introduce the Quran to your child, and how modern technology allows you to incorporate it into their lives as they grow and thrive. 

How Can I Introduce My Child To The Quran?

The Quran is the most detailed book ever written. It contains 114 chapters that are broken up into verses. For a child under the age of ten (and for many over depending on their personal development), understanding something so complex can be overwhelming. Because of this, a good thing to do is to find ways that you can incorporate the Quran into their life from an early age.

Giving your child an early understanding of Arabic is a good way to foster a life-long connection to the Quran. You can introduce Nasheeds to them, and alphabet songs such as Alif-Ba-Ta. You can also introduce them to various Surahs at an early age, even if they won’t understand all the wisdom that they contain.

Start Early

You should share the wonders of Islam with your child early and often. This doesn’t have to be big lessons, especially if they’re little. You can instead choose to slowly introduce them to Arabic phrases, duas, Surahs and Nasheeds as they grow up. This will give them an early connection with Arabic, God, and the Quran; something they will be able to feel confident about as they grow up. 


Make Use Of Educational Tools

There are many educational tools, both online, book form, and physical, that you can use to introduce the Quran to your child. Modern technology has allowed for inventions like the My Quran Pad, an educational tool we created to help children learn more about the Quran from an early age. 


My Quran Pad 

My Quran Pad includes interactive keys that cover the entire Arabic alphabet, including short and long vowels, as well as Surahs, Nasheeds, and much more this is an educational pad that allows children to start the learning process at home. When they are ready to progress to the next level of their education, they will have all the knowledge and inspiration they need to delve deeper. 

It is recommended for children from the ages of 3 and up, but it can be used even younger. By introducing your child to the My Quran Pad at an early age, they will grow up with the Arabic alphabet, important Surahs, Nasheeds, and other words as part of the happy memories of their childhood. 

Teach Your Child The Wonders Of The Quran

To conclude our post, there are many different ways to introduce the Quran to your child. However, using innovative new inventions like the My Quran Pad, you can foster an early love for the Arabic language, and for the Quran in general that will last them a lifetime. Check out our full range of educational products today! 


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