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Meet My Salah Mat
Educational Prayer Mat

The Fun, Easy & Interactive Way to Teach Your Children The Beauty of Salah

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    30 day Money Back Guarantee

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    Safety Tests to EU, US, & GCC Standards

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    Friendly Customer Service

Product Features

Safety & Design

We have ensured all safety standards are met
so that you and your children can pray in peace! Insha'Allah

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    Safety Certificates

    My Salah Mat has been tested & certified to US, EU and GCC Standards
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    Control Features

    Volume Control Automatic Power System
  • bottom shell base Visco pocket springs Simbatex sleep surface
    pocket springs Simbatex sleep surface
  • features features features

    Safety Certificates

    My Salah Mat has been tested & certified to US, EU and GCC Standards
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    Control Features

    Volume Control Automatic Power System
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    7 Layers Mat

    Foldable, Waterproof, Fire Resistant Material

    No Li-ion

    only requires 3 AA batteries and does not have any lithium batteries inside of it


Size of the Mat : 103 x 72 cm
Size of the Box : 42 x 32 x 10 cm
Weight of the Mat : 520 grams
Weight of the Mat in Box : 900 grams
Materials Mat is made from : Waterproof and Fire proof
Required : 3 AA batteries


A1 : Fajr
A2 : Dhuhr
A3 : Asr
A4 : Maghrib
A5 : Isha
B0 : My Salah Mat Introduction
B1 : Wudu – including du’a
B2 : Qibla
B3 : Adhan
B4 : Iqama
B5 : Intention
B6 : Takbir
B7 : Allahu Akbar
B8 : Qiyam
B9 : Surah Al’Fatiha
B10 : Surah An Nas
B11 : Surah Al’ Falaq
B12 : Surah Al’Ikhlas
B13 : Surah An Masadd
B14 : Surah An Nasr
B15 : Surah Al’Kafirun
B16 : Ruku
B17 : Subhaana Rabbiyal Adheem
B18 : I’tidal
B19 : Sami’Allahuli-man Hamidah
B20 : Rabbana Lakal Hamd
B21 : Sujood
B22 : Subhaana Rabbiyal A’alaa
B23 : Julus
B24 : Rabbigh firlee
B25 : Sujood
B26 : Subhaana Rabbiyal A’alaa
B27 : Julus
B28 : At Tashahhud
B29 : Salawat
B30 : As Salaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah
B31 : Du’a x 12 dua’s


C1 : 1 Head Sensor
C2 : 1 Nose Sensor
C3-C4 : 2 Hand Sensors
C6-C5 : 2 Knee Sensors
C7-C8 : 2 Shin Sensors
C9-C10 : 2 Feet Sensors
D1 : 3 Volume Settings
D2 : Rak’ah Explanation Key
D3 : 15 Languages
E1 : On/Off Button
E2 : Light Indicator When On
E3 : Speaker (3 Volume settings)

It will teach the children:

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    The different times of salah

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    The different positions in salah

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    What to say during those different positions

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    Where to place the feet, knees, hands and head

Suitable from the age of 3

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    AGE 3-4

    Be very playful and make the salah something that is interesting, fun and easy.

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    AGE 4-6

    Get the My Salat Mat out at more regular intervals and give plenty of praise when your child has a go.

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    AGE 7-9

    This is the age at which it is recommended to start teaching your child how to do salah in earnest.

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    AGE 10+

    Children should be able to use it with minimum guidance and it is important to tell them about the importance of salah and the reward from Allah.

Benefits of using My Salah Mat


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My Salah Mat is designed to help children of all abilities to support their preferred way of learning, whether they are audio learners, visual learners or kinaesthetic learners.

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Children can practice reciting the Quran with Tajweed, as the reciter on My Salah Mat has studied Quran for 10 years, both in Egypt and Makkah, where he was given Ijaza.

Fun & Easy

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Children love the My Salah Mat and we have noticed that the first thing children want to do when they see it is SUJOOD!

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Using My Salah Mat makes learning salah a fun and enjoyable experience, with its colourful layout, buttons to push, and audio sounds.

Installing Good Habits

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Just a few minutes every day with your guidance combined with the My Salah Mat, your child will be praying perfectly InshaAllah.

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Learning from routine is important as children do not learn habits over a short period of time, but through a continuous process (a little bit every day), Insha'Allah.

Spiritual & Physical Benefits

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Sajda is good for calming children down and ultimately, connect with Allah and prepare children to read dua before sleeping.

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Once salat becomes a habit and something the person feels the need to do on a regular basis, if they stop, they will feel as if something is wrong physically as well as spiritually.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Your Return Policy?

    We have a 30 day money back gaurantee. If you are not
    happy with the product please return it for a full refund.
    No questions asked.

  • How Long Does Delivery Take?

    We really try our best to dispatch the item asap. We need
    about 4-5 working days for UK delivery, International
    delivery can take up to 10 days.

    Faster delivery is possible, please select special delivery
    for UK, this will be delivEred to you within 1-2 days (Not
    including weekends). For international faster delivery
    please email us for a quote.

  • Is This Product Safe For Children?

    We have tested this product to European, US and GCC
    standards. It has passed all the tests. We have gone over
    and above the products is made from waterproof and fire
    resistant material. So yes it is safe Insha’Allah.

  • Where Else Can I Buy This Item From?

    Please email us and we will tell you who your local
    supplier is. We have resellers in many countries.

  • I want to Wholesale this in
    my country, what do I do?

    Alhamdulillah we want to have this product in every
    country and city so children all over world can benefit
    from it. Please email us and we will reply to you with our
    wholesale rates. EMAIL US

  • I am a journalist/blogger and
    want to write about My Salah Mat

    Thank you so much! This is such an amazing product that
    we do get genuine people who want to write about it.
    Please email us and we will answer any questions you
    may have for your Article. EMAIL US

  • I am a teacher in a School/ Home
    School/ Supplementary School

    If you are a teacher of a school, or your a home schooler,
    or you run a supplementary school. Please get in touch,
    we want to hear from you. We can offer you some special
    prices insha'Allah.

My Salah Mat
Educational Prayer Mat
The Fun, Easy & Interactive Way
to Teach Your Children
The Beauty of Salah