MySalahMat Meets Islamic Beginnings

MySalahMat Meets Islamic Beginnings

My Salat Mat gained media entrance to the Muslim Lifestyle Show where we interviewed Bushra Hussein, the founder of Islamic Beginnings


Islamic Beginnings is a publishing house which produces children’s books and other literature, as well as games. The company started with the book ‘My Islam A to Z’, which was written with the aim of teaching children about Islam in a fun and informal way – in a way that shows Allah’s love and mercy. Bushra explained that after her daughter was born, she was searching for suitable Islam books but couldn’t find what she needed. Her search for books that teach Islam in a fun and child friendly way led her to write My Islam A to Z. It took Bushra five years to write Islam A to Z, and she hand drew all the illustrations and painted them in water colours before editing them on Photoshop. She explained that the book allows parents to talk about Islam in a child friendly way that is not authoritarian.


Bushra described how once the book had been printed, her husband said she needed a business plan, but she took things slowly. As a pharmacist by profession, she didn’t know much about social media and website design, but sought vital support from others. Bushra believes that Mums are the best people to create something new as they know what children need. For anyone planning to start a similar business, Bushra suggests going for it, obtaining support and advice along the way, and having faith in Allah. Despite several setbacks, Bushra kept at it and was patient. She described how she came to the exhibition for the first time last year and has seen how others companies such as My Salat Mat have flourished, which is inspiring.

Here are the links to Bushra Hussein, the founder of Islamic Beginnings: 

Website: https://islamicbeginnings.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/islamicbeginnings/