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How Smart Prayer Mats Help Kids Of All Learning Styles Learn To Pray

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When we created the My Salah Mat Interactive Prayer Mat for kids, we wanted to make sure that it was suitable to all learners. With so many children across the world learning about the wonders of Salah, we wanted to make sure we created an educational product that helps all the different learning styles

In this post, we’re going to take a look at different learning styles, and how we considered these in the creation of the world’s first Smart Interactive Prayer Mat, and how we included support for each of them. 

Learning Styles And Why They Matter 

Learning styles is a way that we describe how people learn new skills and information. If you’re currently raising a child, then you will know that they learn through meaningful experiences, whether these are through touching, moving, hearing, or seeing. 

While books and reading are the traditional methods that people have used to pass on information, modern research into learning styles suggests that different children learn in different ways.

Some may find information easier to understand through different kinds of learning. Keeping an eye on which of these your child leans towards can be an important part of helping them to learn to pray. In the following sections, we’re going to outline each of these learning styles and explain how they work.


Tactile is learning through touch. Kids who learn best through touch will need hands-on experience in order to learn skills and information. 


Visual learning means that a person learns best by seeing something. This means they’ll remember something best if they watch it, or if it unfolds before their eyes.


Some kids learn best through hearing. This means that they will be able to recall conversations, facts, and text by hearing it.


A kinesthetic learner is someone who learns through doing and moving. By experiencing the movements of something, or getting hands-on experience with a new skill, they will learn much faster than if through the other methods.

The My Salah Mat And Different Learning Styles 

The My Salah Mat Interactive Prayer Mat was invented to cover each of the learning styles. Let’s take a look at how it focuses on different learning styles to help all kids learn how to pray.

Touch-Sensitive Keys

The My Salah Mat includes 36 touch-sensitive keys that allow tactile learners to learn through touch. These keys get them directly involved with the prayer process, allowing them to 


The prayer mat features many different audio recitations, Quran recitations, and is translated to 15 languages. This allows auditory learners to learn through listening.

Guided Prayer

The prayer mat guides the user through each prayer they select and allows children who benefit from Kinesthetic methods to learn through repetition and experiencing the movements.


The My Salah Mat has been designed to be visually appealing, both with its bright colour pallet and many different symbols. The light guidance technology also allows visual learners to learn Salah. 

Combined Learning Styles

Salah combines the power of words and movement to profess faith in Allah. Because of this, a child learning to pray will need to retain the words, positions, and movements required. The My Salah Mat combines all of these to give a child a comprehensive educational experience that is fun, interactive and only takes a few minutes of dedication per day. 

Give Your Child The Gift Of Prayer

No matter what learning style your child leans towards, the My Salah Mat will help them on their way to being able to do Salah with confidence and knowledge. Check out our full range of educational products here. 


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