My Salah Mat is now officially being sold in Germany!

My Salah Mat is now officially being sold in Germany!

My Salah Mat has partnered with to bring the world’s first Interactive Prayer Mat to Germany. Gebetsmatte provides a number of Islamic items for their local customers. They have a website and are able to deliver anywhere in the Germany. We wanted to learn more about and why they sell My Salah Mat. Continue reading to learn more!


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Company Description/About: was launched in March 2020. It sells the MySalahMat exclusively, however, they own another shop (Ummati Shop) since 2019 where they sell Islamic products for children.


  1. Briefly tell us about your company, when it started, why, products you sell, and anything you wish to include in this blog.
  • We have launched our site in March 2020. We didn't want to miss the chance of being part of this wonderful project, so we didn't hesitate when we were offered to become a distributor of My Salah Mat here in Germany. On we are selling only the Salah Mat. However, we are running another Shop since 2019 (Ummati Shop) where we sell further products for Muslim kids, such as books and games.



  1. What do you think of My Salah mat?
  • My Salah Mat is just so amazing! From the moment on when we first saw it, I knew straight away that this would make it so much easier to help kids learn Salah. Being a mother of 3 young kids, I know myself how hard it is getting kids used to Salah. My Salah Mat has proven that it is never too young to start to learn the prayer. And also it is never too old to learn it neither! 


  1. How do your customers react to My Salah Mat?
  • We have so many customers who even buy it as adults, because they need to learn the Salah from scratch as they are reverts for example. All in all, the customer feedback has been outstanding! They are so grateful to have found the Salah Mat and some even say they wish they would have had it when they themselves were children:)


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