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Supporting Palestine: Steps You Can Take Today

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As followers of the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad [PBUH], we find ourselves deeply moved by the situation in Palestine. Adhering to the teachings and practices of the Sunnah, here's a guide for the Ummah on how we can support our Palestinian family in a way that aligns with the Prophetic tradition:

1) Advocate for Peaceful Intervention:

On October 13, Israel's armed forces instructed 1.2 million residents of northern Gaza to move to the southern region within a day. The United Nations has expressed that such a move could lead to catastrophic humanitarian outcomes. As per the Norwegian Refugee Council's perspective, such a directive, lacking assurances of safety or return, could equate to the grave violation of "forcible transfer," a recognized war crime. It's imperative for the global community to enforce international law. Utilise the options below to promptly contact your elected officials. Reach out to your local MP Here [UK]. Click Here

2) Amplify the Reality in Gaza:

  • Stand united. Participate in public events such as marches, rallies, and vigils to show your solidarity with Gaza. For impactful visuals, utilize our downloadable and printable posters for Palestine.
  • Share knowledge. Counter mainstream media narratives by writing to the editor. Here are some helpful letter-writing tips for guidance.

3) Immerse Yourself in the Stories of Gaza:

  • Discover "Light in Gaza: Writings Born of Fire." This collection showcases the visions of 12 Palestinian writers for Gaza's future, transcending occupation and division. For a brief period, the e-book version is available for free. Enhance your understanding by attending online discussions featuring the contributors. Organize group readings using our study guide for enhanced engagement.
  • Diversify your sources. Engage with resources about Gaza and give precedence to news pieces by Palestinian journalists from platforms like Electronic Intifada, Middle East Eye, Mondoweiss, and Al Jazeera.

4) Demand Corporate Responsibility:

U.S & UK. military industrial complex's involvement is evident in the current conflict, with significant corporations benefiting from the strife.

  • Investigate and ensure. Ensure your financial engagements don't fuel these violations. Advocate for companies to cease their support for apartheid and atrocities.

5) Contribute to Ending Israeli Apartheid:

The Apartheid-Free initiative, launched by AFSC and its partners, has gathered momentum with over 170 entities pledging to label themselves as "Apartheid-Free." These groups are committed to negating Israel's apartheid, colonization, and occupation.

6) Extend Your Support with a Gift:

  • Explore and purchase our £2 Digital download, "Train To Al-Aqsa". Immerse yourself in the majesty of Al-Aqsa and contribute to our cause. The Charitable PDF is readily available for this enlightening journey. Click on the image below to find out more about our Charitable PDF! Donate and receive a free Gift Insha'Allah. 


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