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What Is A Smart Prayer Mat For Kids? How Do They Work?

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Prayer can be a difficult thing for kids to learn. With all of the different positions, recitals, and timings, the whole process can feel overwhelming. That’s why we created the My Salah Mat Smart Interactive Prayer Mat

With interactive, touch-sensitive buttons, and recitals—it offers children a fun, easy way to learn Salah and connect with their faith. In this post, we’ll take a look at what the Interactive Prayer Mat is and explain how it can help kids learn to pray. 

Why Should I Choose An Interactive Prayer Mat For My Child?

If you’re an adult, then chances are you remember how difficult it was to learn to pray. Learning the complexities of Salah can be a difficult process for kids around the world, leaving many children feeling overwhelmed, dissuaded, or disheartened. This is a problem that we wanted to find a solution to. 

That’s why we came up with the My Salah Mat Interactive Kids Prayer Mat! It’s the first of its kind and has been designed to help children of all abilities to support their preferred way of learning, whether they are visual learners, audio learners, or kinaesthetic learners. My Salah Mat supports parents to teach Salah to their children with ease. 

The My Salah Mat acts as the first touchstone for children to connect with their faith. With just a few minutes every day, children can learn to pray on their own. It facilitates independent learning as children can use it whenever they choose. By using the interactive prayer mat once a day for 5 minutes, prayer will become part of their daily routine. 

How Does It Make Prayer Fun, Easy, and Interactive?

My Salah Mat has been designed to be a positive and fun experience for children. It features a colourful layout with a total of 36 touch-sensitive keys to push and reveal sound. My Salah Mat makes learning Salah easy, as each key is clearly labelled and is simple to understand, making the prayer process simplistic for kids to follow.

It takes children through the entire journey of Salat, allowing them to learn everything from Wudu, to Qibla, Adhan, and Dua at the end of prayer. Children can copy and read the recitation out loud, essentially mimicking the recitation. As they copy it, they are encouraged to say it out loud and begin to remember it.

Are All 5 Daily Prayers Included?

The My Salah Mat has been designed to introduce children to all 5 daily prayers, including Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha. 

What Language Options Are Available? 

The My Salah Mat has been translated into 15 different languages, including English, French, Arabic, Urdu, Malay, Turkish, Indonesian, Bengali, German, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, and Bosnia. 

If you’re in a different country and are struggling to find the My Salah Mat, check out this list of official international resellers across the world. 

Give Your Child The Gift Of Prayer Today

We’ve found that the My Salah Mat has already helped countless children worldwide connect with their faith. Check out our full range of educational products, including the My Salah Mat Educational Prayer Mat, the My Salah Mat Smart Interactive Prayer Mat (Adult/Reverts Version), an activity book series, and more! 


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