Ramadan in Space | Children's Book

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Its the first day of Ramadan! Hamzah and Maryam are all set to blast off into space in the rocket. Imagine that! Ramadan in Space! What will they do as they float among the stars, and will they get back in time for Eid?


Written by Dr Wendy Booth
Illustrated by Hana Hanifah Ishwari 
Perfect for ages 3-12 Insha'Allah


Whats Included?

- 32 pages

- Islamic friendly story

- Includes a range of educational content, including -  family morals, Ramadan information, scientific information and Ayahs. 

- Foil Lamination on the front cover

- Bright colours throughout the book


This is My Salah Mats Debut Children's Book. Limited quantity available. 

Publisher: My Salah Mat LTD
ISBN: 9781527288584
Number of pages: 32
Weight: 0.25kg
Dimensions: 21cm x 21cm

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 A very special Gift for Ramadan & Eid



Customer Reviews

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Zaakira Jamal
Great book

Purchased for my 5.5 year old but my 2 year old even enjoyed it!
It got my daughter asking a lot of questions about space.
It was a cute story as an alternative to learning about Ramadan and also intro into space.


Ramadan in Space | Children's Book

Elim Abdul
A great and exciting read...

I children really enjoyed reading this book. They said it was a very adventurous and exciting story.


Assalamu alaikum
Jazakumullahu khairan for the books. They came very promptly. My kids love reading both the books and its interesting how they notice the details in the books. A brilliant read.

Excellent gift for all young children

I purchased this book as a gift for Ramadan & Eid. My friend's sons loved it! It has both scientific and religious information broken down into an easy to understand manner.

I'm hoping the kids will grow up reading it and learn the simple lessons inside. If you are looking for an Islamic friendly story, I would recommend this.