Dear Sir/Madam



It has come to our attention you are selling a counterfeit My Salah Mat. 

It is against the Law to buy or sell counterfeit items. 


Your listing was reported by a customer who noticed that you had sold them a Fake product. 


We have by now reported your listing to Facebook or Instagram




A details have been recorded and will be used as evidence.  




- You have been selling fake products. We have a record of this.


The purchase and sale of counterfeit items are illegal. You have committed a criminal offence and we need you to now provide us with the following details.  

I have cc'd our legal team. Right now this is communication for us to solve it before any legal action is taken. 


Immediately remove all the products from your store and websites.


If you do not we will also report it to


In order to come to a resolution, we need you to provide details: 


  1. How many counterfeit products did you buy?
  2. How many pieces of these products do you still have?
  3. Where or whom did you buy these products from?


If you are unable to answer this then we will assume you have imported these, in which case please provide us with the details of your purchase. 


Documents Attached

  1. Attached are 2 documents, first detailing how you have infringed upon the trademark.
  2. The second document needs to signed by the director of the company.
  3. We have also attached the differences between the counterfeit and original, this was taken from the product we purchased from your store. We will be using this for legal action.
  4. I would also like to highlight the Fake product you have is unsafe, it is not made from waterproof or fire-resistant material. And it will not have the legal CE mark. Safety standards for the legal sale of the item.

We take this seriously and right now we have all the evidence required to take your company to court and sue for damages to our Brand.


If we do not hear from you with the next 24 hours we will:


  • Report your company and website to the authorities – for selling counterfeit items and for selling products unsafe for children.
  • We will start the legal process to take your to court for damages to our Brand
  • We will notify all our customers that your company is selling a fake and to be careful
  • We will notify all shops in your country not buy products from your company as it is Fake and unsafe.


Please read these 2 links – we will have to notify our customers that you are selling fake.


We look forward to your immediate action on this matter. 


Kind Regards




1. Letter of Claims

2. Undertaking