Problems with Counterfeit Fake Items
Counterfeit Fake products are well known for being made to a poor and substandard quality, using materials which are cheap and are usually unsafe as they do not go through the appropriate safety tests that are required to sell legally, and therefore causes harm to the overall brand.
How to Report If You Find a Company is Selling Fake My Salah Mats
  • Email us -
  • Send us some details of the seller, including links to their selling page.

  • We will do the rest, we can demand a refund from the counterfeit seller and take legal action and issue you an original product to you for your support.
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How to Recognise a Fake Product

Counterfeit Product

We have checked the counterfeit/ fake product for My Salah Mat, we have found:
Your Rights!
What to do if you bought a fake product (as a consumer or as a business)
  • Your rights: Legally you can get a full refund you can claim compensation and it is your duty to report this to your local authority.
  • If you are a victim we will cover you, we will send you a product at the same cost and cover the delivery costs.
My Salah Mat Supports YouIf You Come Forward
If you are a company who bought a counterfeit/ fake product without knowing, we will support you. We will only take legal action against those companies who are the main importers or producers. If you co-operate with us we will not take any legal action and we will in-fact work with you and help you develop and sell the original My Salah Mat.
My Salah Mat Platform
My Salah Mat has a growing customer base, growing social media base and we will use our platforms to inform our customers and audience of companies who are selling fake items and those that do not co-operate with us. Please act accordingly once you are aware of selling fake products
A List Of Companies Who Have Been Selling Fake Products
We have many issues with counterfeit items in the UAE, Malaysia, Singapore.. Some issues in Belgium, Netherlands, USA.
Example of Fake Products listed on a popular marketplace
Example of Fake Products listed on a popular marketplace
Example of Fake Products listed on popular marketplace
An Unknown Seller Selling an Identic Fake Product
My Salah Mat Educational Prayer Mat
Give them the gift of Salah and reap the reward in this life and the next. Ameen.