What is this product?

This is an interactive educational prayer mat designed and made for children. To help them learn salah in a fun, easy and interactive way. 

How Long Does Delivery Take?

We really try our best to dispatch the item asap. We need about 4-5 working days for UK delivery, International delivery can take up to 10 days. 

Faster delivery is possible, please select special delivery for UK, this will be delivred to you within 1-2 days (Not including weekends). For international faster delivery please email us for a quote.


Where Else Can I Buy This Item From?

Please email us and we will tell you who your local supplier is. If you want to become a local supplier let us know too. Email


I want to Wholesale this in my country, what do I do?

Alhmadulillah we want to have this product in every country and city so children all over world can benefit from it. Please email us and we will reply to you with our wholesale rates. EMAIL NOW


I am a journalist/blogger and want to write about My Salah Mat

Thank you so much! This is such an amazing product that we do get genuine people who want to write about it. Please email us and we will answer any questions you may have for your Article. Email Now


I am a teacher in a School/Home School/Supplementary School

If you are a teacher of a school, or your a home schooler, or you run a supplementary school. Please get in touch, we want to hear from you. We can offer you some special prices insha'Allah.


Can we Collaborate?

We are so open to collaborating. Please get in touch.

Can I track my order?

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Where do you ship to?

What are your shipping rates?