My Salah Mat Innovative play mat review

Are you looking for Innovative Islamic toys for your children? Today I am reviewing My Salah Mat – an Interactive prayer rug for children that we have fallen in love with. I’d like to talk about how it is helping my children LOVE to pray Salah even without reminding them!

If you have been my reader for sometime, you will know that I love to share Islamic products that are innovative and extraordinary. We have a growing list of Islamic toys and books that we adore. This year, I found another amazing product. My Salah Mat.


Teaching children to pray behind our backs doesn’t come easy. It is a struggle we all relate with. It takes perseverance, years of encouragement and gentle reminders before they learn that praying 5 times a day is a way of life for us Muslims.

Children need to be first taught to love prayer. But how do you teach your child to actually LOVE it if they aren’t even cooperating to pray on time?

The real truth is that our children are just too distracted these days. There is television, apps, phones and screens everywhere. The toys that they have aren’t really examples of model Muslim behavior are they? Also they don’t want to pray because hey, when you are that little, it takes a lot of will power to leave your play!

I know that it is not easy. I have children who I am training to pray 5 times a day too. It is a challenge to inculcate the love of Salah in our children. In fact, it is a continuous struggle.


My Salah Mat Interactive prayer rug Muslim Kids

My Salah Mat is an interactive mat for children that helps them learn how to pray Salah. It is touch sensitive, speaks 7 languages, guides a child in learning how to pray through play. 

Disclaimer: We were send this productive for review but all reflections and views are my own. I only share products that I personally use and approve of for my own family. Please read my Disclosure 

  1. It has 36 Touch Sensitive Keys that play a different part of the Salah. For example there is a Wudhu Key, which tells the learner how to do wudhu in whatever language they have set it to. Like wise, there is information about Adhan, Qibla etc.
  2. It speaks 7 languages. That means no matter what language your child speaks or whether they are bi- or multilingual your child will still get a  chance to learn from it.
  3. The bright attractive colors make it very engaging and attractive. Helps children memorize the Surahs and Prayer while playing with it. It is a hands on learning toy where kids learn by doing.
  4. The best thing that I love about the mat is that it is designed to teach children how to pray the right way. That means it helps with positioning of hands, feet and face during Sujood too! My kids have been praying with me since they were very small but they didn’t know the proper way to do Sujood. I love how the mat has marked places to help children position their hands, feet ,forehead and nose.
  5. It gently guides the child in their prayer so in time the children will independently learn to pray by themselves. Once the child stands on the mat and selects a prayer, it starts the prayer from beginning to end guiding the children as they do the different positions.
  6. It teaches them the essential adhkaars and duas.
  7. It is a very good quality product able to withstand rough play as well as handle, wear and tear. Before I received it, I was wondering how the plastic is, what material it must be made of. I was worried if my children will just tear it up. But MashaAllah it is a really good mat. Tough to be handled by kids and carried around the way children do.
  8. It is fire-, water- and dust proof so kids can play or pray as they like. Yes, take it out in the garden too!
  9. This mat comes with a fun 12 page Activity book containing Surahs, duas, adhkaars, quizzes and more.My Salah Mat Product description


Consider My Salah Mat to be like an iPad or tablet that you stand on…. literally! It is prayer rug that is touch sensitive and interactive.

The mat has a switch that you turn on. You can choose between the languages that your child understands in. The child or adult can then press the words that they want to know more about and it will start speaking.

My salah Mat Islamic Toys for Muslim Kids

When your child wants to pray a Salah, they first select the time of prayer that they are performing -Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghreb or Isha’a. Then they have to stand on the feet shapes on the mat. The pressure of their feet will start the prayer. It will help them perform all the prayer accordingly.

The Interactive My Salah Mat is a fantastic way to encourage the Salah habit in young children. . My children are enjoying praying and learning according to it. My youngest (age 4yrs) learnt the After Wudhu Dua in two days by just listening to it. MashaAllah, I am really happy to see a product like this.



My Salah Mat is available for direct purchase from their website 

It is quite easy to order from them. I am in Saudi Arabia. It arrived in 7 days for us.

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