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Maryam Masud

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Meet Maryam Masud!

My Salah Mat is so excited to introduce to you Maryam Masud. For those who do not know who Maryam Masud is (I'm sure not many). Maryam is the best example for our children, for our little girls!


Who is Maryam Masud

  • Maryam Masud is a sixth-grade student of An-Noor Academy in New Jersey, USA.
  • She became a Hafiza of the Qur’an at the age of 9.
  • She is the host of the kid’s program “Quran With Maryam” on GuideUs TV and iTV USA.
  • She has participated in many national and international competitions, a bulk of which she has won.
  • Maryam has more than half a million followers on Facebook and YouTube and is involved with many interfaith humanitarian activities.



(This Interactive prayer mat is exactly the same as the original interactive prayer mat, the difference is this one comes with the unique voice of Maryam Masud and a special booklet which has been written by Maryam.)