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Muslim Families are Creating Mosques in Their Home during Lockdown

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Eid Al Fitr 2020 was strange, and hopefully, a once in a lifetime experience, as countries including the UK were in lockdown and Eid prayers were cancelled. Still, most Muslims made the most of the situation and prayed Eid salah at home in their best clothes and ate a traditional Eid feast afterwards. Some of us visited family and friends outdoors in our gardens, and even a drive-by and a wave from the car was appreciated. Gifts were posted to those who are shielding, and delicious food was left on doorsteps. Fortunately, many of us were also able to take advantage of modern technology to chat with family and friends via FaceTime and Zoom, but there’s nothing like coming together in person; one thing for sure is that we will have a greater appreciation of social gatherings and doing Eid salah in congregation when things go back to normal.

Muslim parents have come up with a range of innovative ideas to make Ramadan and Eid a special and enjoyable time. One such idea has been to ‘build’ a mosque in the house for the children, and some parents have shared their efforts online. This has ranged from decorative cardboard cutouts of a mosque placed in the corner of the room to more elaborate structures. For example, Modern Muslim Mama shared pictures on Instagram of the ‘Blue Mosque’ which they built at home; it has wall to wall carpeting, a mimbar, a wudhu station, a library, and even a remote-controlled chandelier! Building a mosque at home encourages children to use their imagination and highlights the importance of going to the mosque.



 Here at My Salah Mat, we were so impressed by some of these mosques that we gifted the families with a free My Salah Mat. We trust that this made a useful addition to the home-mosques and is further encouraging children to pray.

Below are pictures of these beautiful creations. Alhamdulillah.

Insha'Allah we hope this inspires other parents to build a home-mosque for next Eid, or as a permanent fixture at home. 







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Thank you, @mysalahmat, for sending Eesa this amazing prayer mat. 🎁 #giftedproduct⁣ ⁣ He was so excited to open it and I am amazed to see how much he has enjoyed it. I'll be honest I thought it would be one of those things that he opens with so much excitement but then forgets all about it. I'm happy to say that we have now had it for a little over a week and to my surprise he has been using it daily. He actually insists on practicing his prayers using the salah mat. He loves the activity book that came with it as well, so that was a nice bonus. 🎉⁣ ⁣ As a parent, I am very happy with it as well because it's such a heartwarming feeling to see your child attracted to Islam. He is 6 years old now and alhumdulillah, he is almost done memorizing the salah.⁣ It used to be a struggle getting him to memorize the salah so I am grateful to my salah mat for this perfect learn through play prayer mat. ⁣ ⁣ #mysalahmat #thebrunettehijabi #pakistanicanadian #ymmblogger #pakistanimom #desimoms #hijabbloggerstyle #albertamoms #hijabii #boymomsunite #hijabimom #activemoms #momlife101 #hijabideas #momlifebalance⁣ #muslimmom #canadianbloggers #modestyfashion #modestyle #outfitideasforyou #hijabtrends #boymomadventures #momlifeunfiltered #healthyeatingtips #strongandbeautiful

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Jazak'Allah to all the bloggers who tagged us and shared their amazing creations with us.


About MySalahMat 

My Salah Mat is a prayer mat designed to educate children on how to perform the Muslim prayer in a fun and enjoyable way. The interactive prayer mat is touch-sensitive and has pre-recorded keys that can be touched to reveal the sound, such as prayer times, how to do wudu, recite surahs, say duas, and much more.

It can teach children about the different times of salah and the various body movements and positions, and what to say during them. In order to make the learning process easy, My Salah Mat will guide the user through two Rakat of salah using a simple to understand format.

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