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Amin & Yasmin - A company raising awareness of the issues facing the deaf Muslim community

Amin & Yasmin - A company raising awareness of the issues facing the deaf Muslim community

The goal of brother and sister team, Amin and Yasmin, is to raise awareness of the issues facing the deaf Muslim community and to promote the learning of sign language. This is because of issues such as isolation and neglect, which have caused many members of the deaf Muslim community to become depressed and anxious. Together, Amin and Yasmin have experience within the fields of nursing and disability, education, and charity, and this combined expertise led to the development of a range of resources for the deaf community. To get started, Amin and Yasmin set up a crowd funding page and raised almost £1000 to produce the world’s first series of illustrative books, an app, and educational resources containing key Islamic words in sign language.

The statistics highlight the importance of the project, as while nine out of ten deaf children are born to hearing parents, only one out of ten of those parents go on to learn sign language. In addition, Amin and Yasmin were aware that Islamic books are usually too text heavy, making it difficult for deaf individuals to understand Islamic phrases. Therefore, the importance of producing educational aids for the deaf Muslim community was clear.


Amin and Yasmin’s award winning prophetic story book series featuring sign language contains the stories of Adam, Nuh, Ibrahim, Isa and Muhammad, which are illustrated and contain English, Arabic and British Sign Language. In addition, Amin and Yasmin have developed an app which contains resources such as an A to Z of words in British Sign Language (BSL); duas in BSL and some international sign language. 

As well as producing innovative resources, Amin and Yasmin have worked hard to promote their cause and have featured on Islam Channel, Eman Channel,  Women’s AM, the Muslim Council of Britain, the Muslim Scout Fellowship and the Ramadan Tent Project, as well as providing workshops for the Islamic Human Rights Commission. In addition, their website provides a range of useful information, such as explaining how the ear works, and how to effectively communicate with someone suffering from hearing loss; for example, by turning your face towards them so that they can lip read and using plain language. 


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