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How Does My Quran Pad Help Children To Learn The Arabic Alphabet?

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The Quran Pad was created from a simple question - how can we inspire love for the Quran for children at an early age? The Quran is the divine word of Allah (SWT), revealed to the prophet Muhammad (SAWS) through the Angel Jibreel (AS). The first word recited was “Iqra,” meaning, “To Read.” But for many children, reading is something they don’t pick up until they are a little older - and reading in Arabic may come much later if it is not their first language.

This led us to consider - how can we make the Quran part of a child’s life before they begin formal study? Is there something we could invent to help them on their way? These questions are what led to the design and creation of the My Quran Pad - a fully interactive pad that helps children learn the Arabic language from a young age. 

What Age Is My Quran Pad For?

The My Quran Pad is for children 2 years and up, but could be used with supervision for 18 months and up. By the age of 4-6, a child will begin to engage in a more formal education, but by this point the pad should have allowed them to connect with the divine words of Allah from a young age, becoming familiar enough with the arabic alphabet that they will feel confident to learn more and delve deeper into the wonders of the Quran. 

How Does My Quran Pad Work?

My Quran Pad features over 49 responsive, interactive keys that cover the entire Arabic alphabet, including short and long vowels, as well as Surahs, Nasheeds, and much more. It is an educational pad that allows children to begin learning at a young age in a fun, interactive way. When they are ready to progress to the next level of their education, they will have all the knowledge and inspiration they need.


The Main Features Of My Quran Pad

  1. Unique Patent Pending Key Technology: 49 touch-activated keys allow a child to interact with each of the Arabic letters with a genius design that invites children to come back time and time again.

  1. Total Coverage Of The Arabic Alphabet: The Arabic alphabet can be challenging to learn for kids across the world, but we’ve made sure that each key press is fun, interactive, and reveals sound.

  1. Short and Long Vowels: Across the top of the pad, are buttons that a child can press to reveal the short and long vowels of the Arabic language. 

  1. Surahs: Any child using My Quran Pad will be able to learn all of the Surahs with the touch of a button, 11 in total!

  1. Nasheeds: Listen to nasheeds including The Arabic Alphabet, 99 Names Of Allah (SWT), Harakat and more.

  1. Animal Names: Each key also comes with the symbol of an animal and an audio cue for each of them.

  1. Quran Recitation: Includes Quran recitation by a qualified reiter

  1. Record Function: Includes a record function that allows a child to record letters, vowels, and to playback their progress.

  1. Booklet: Includes a free booklet that teaches you the Arabic alphabet and important Arabic words.

How Does My Quran Pad Help Children To Learn? 

My Quran Pad has been designed to make learning the Arabic alphabet fun, easy, and interactive. Since the education of children is the most important thing, we have designed the pad to cover some of the most important facets of modern education. Let’s take a look at some of these:

Supporting The Main 4 Learning Styles

The 4 main learning styles are Audio, Visual, Kinesthetic, and Tactile (learning through hearing, visual stimuli, moving/doing, and touch). Different children learn in different ways, so we wanted to make sure My Quran Pad has covers each of these styles.

Fully Interactive

We’ve designed My Quran Pad to be a fully interactive experience. Each of the 49 keys have been created to be responsive, and to make children want to press them again. In our age of iPads and increasingly intrusive electronic devices - we made sure to create an educational pad that is a physical object for children to engage with.

Promote Familiarity 

While this pad isn’t going to teach a child to read the Quran, it will give them an early familiarity with the Arabic language that will help them when they begin to study formally. My Quran Pad inspires confidence to engage with the Quran from an early age. 

Give Your Child The Gift Of Prayer 

There are many ways you can give your child the gift of prayer. We believe that prayer should be an important life of children across the world. Prayer helps children both spiritually and physically, creating long-lasting routines that will be beneficial for them as they grow and thrive. For ideas on how you can introduce your child to prayer, check out our full range of Islamic Educational Products. 


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