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Is Using A Smart Interactive Prayer Mat Halal?

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Our interactive prayer mat for kids is the first of its kind. It uses touch-sensitive keys and audio recitations to cover all 5 of the daily prayers, helping kids learn to pray in a fun, interactive way. We’ve found that our prayer mat has helped kids around the world to build confidence and routines around prayer. 

However, because it is such a new invention, many people have asked whether or not it is halal to use it to learn Salah. This is an important question and one that we have considered seriously throughout the design process! In this article, we’re going to explain everything there is to know about whether or not an interactive prayer mat can be considered halal. 

The My Salah Mat Is An Educational Tool

We want to express that The My Salah Mat (both the kids version and the adult/revert version), should be considered as an educational tool. Throughout history, people across the world have used books to learn to pray, teaching them the positions, recitations, and routines around prayer. Books, in this sense, can be considered an educational tool.

So then, you can consider the My Salah Mat as an educational tool in the same way. It is not supposed to replace traditional prayer, but to help kids and adults learn to pray in a fun and interactive way. We believe that prayer should be a joy to experience, and by making the learning process engaging, the user will forge long-lasting links that will last them a lifetime.

Transitioning To A Traditional Prayer Mat

The My Salah Mat is all about education. Eventually, the child or adult using one of these smart interactive mats will be able to transition to using a traditional prayer mat when they are ready, or of age. 

For the kids version of the interactive prayer mat, we’ve found that kids learn to pray remarkably quickly. This can depend on the educational needs of the child in question, but when prayer is introduced into their life from a young age, by the time they are ten years old they should have all the tools they need to transition to a traditional prayer mat. 

The My Salah Mat builds confidence and familiarity for kids so that they can pray on their own. 

Learn To Pray With An Interactive Prayer Mat

To conclude our post, the My Salah Mat is an innovative educational tool that helps kids and adults worldwide learn to pray. Prayer  There are two core versions - one for kids and one for adults/reverts. Check out our full range of educational products today! 


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