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Halal Parenting - Providing advice to Muslim Parents around the world

Halal Parenting -  Providing advice to Muslim Parents around the world

Qaali Hussein and Hani Ahmed, the founders of Halal Parenting, are both mothers and work as physicians. They founded the magazine in order to provide advice on parenting from an Islamic perspective, including positive parenting strategies based on the Sunnah that can help to engage children by providing clear expectations, and using approaches that help to reduce stress. Halal Parenting magazine utilises advice from well-known Muslim psychologists, physicians and parenting experts to address all ages and stages of parenting.

The editor of Halal Parenting is Gulnaz Ahsan. Prior to being the editor of Halal Parenting, Gulnaz studied International Business Finance in the UK, and later on, Business Software Applications in Northern California. She continues to work part time as a licensed investment advisor, alongside the Halal Parenting magazine, which means she has a good understanding of juggling work with parenting.


Halal Parenting magazine addresses the issues that most parents face, such as what to do if your child throws a tantrum, how to be consistent, and ways of encouraging children to be responsible, while maintaining an Islamic approach. The magazine balances modern theories on parenting with the Quran and Sunnah as the guiding source, to form a positive approach to parenting, and to help parents make the best choices for their child.


Halal Parenting is an online magazine that is presented as a flip book which can be downloaded, and four issues are released every year. The editors ensure that the articles in the magazine provide information and advice on current trends in society, and the parenting strategies that can be used to ensure positive outcomes; for example, dealing with money, encouraging responsibility, and education choices. It really is a must-have for the Muslim home. You can find out more about Halal Parenting magazine through the following links: