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How To Encourage My Child To Pray With An Interactive Prayer Mat: A Complete Guide

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The My Salah Mat Smart Interactive Prayer Mat for kids was created to answer a simple question - how can you help your child learn to pray in a fun, engaging way? For many kids across the world, learning Salah can be a tough task! 

However, introducing prayer to them in an interactive way allows them to gain early confidence and create prayer routines that will last them a lifetime.

In this post, we’re going to provide you with a comprehensive guide on how you can encourage your child to pray with a Smart, Interactive Prayer Mat. 

How Does An Interactive Prayer Mat Help Kids To Learn?

In the past, children have learned to pray through traditional methods - by watching adults pray, or by reading about it in books. While both of these methods work well, they don’t cover the total spectrum of learning styles. That’s why we created a more engaging, interactive educational tool that helps children of all abilities and learning styles learn Salah. 

Here are some of the main learning styles, and how the My Salah Mat supports each one:

Visual Learning: First off, the My Salah Mat has been designed to feature a bright colour pallet and engaging visuals that invite children to pray. Many children are visual learners, meaning they retain information best by symbols, graphics, illustrations, and colour combinations. 

Auditory Learning: Some kids learn best through audio cues. The My Salah Mat features audio cues, a recitation of the Quran by Qari Ilyaas El Badr, and instructions that have been translated into 15 languages. 

Tactile Learning: Tactile learners learn through touching, and that’s why we’ve included a total of 36 touch-sensitive keys that children need to press to guide them through the prayer process. 

Kinesthetic Learning: The My Salah Mat encourages children who learn best by moving and practising to physically experience the movements of each prayer - with lights that guide them through the process. 

By guiding children through the prayer process in this interactive, engaging way, a child will learn to approach prayer with joy, building confidence that will last them a lifetime. 

My Salah Mat also supports parents to become actively involved in teaching their children to pray. It has been designed so that parents can use it to introduce their children to Salah - a pillar of Islam. The way children will use the mat will depend on their age, and the main thing for parents is to encourage them and to praise and reward them for attempting to pray. It also comes with an activity book that further helps to introduce Salah in a fun, easy, and interactive way. 

How To Use The My Salah Mat 

In the following section, we’re going to outline how you can help your child learn to use the My Salah Mat. Be sure to make it a positive experience for them, and be patient if they don’t understand it to begin with.

Step 1 - Insert The Batteries 

Firstly, remove the mat from its packaging and insert three AA batteries. Please note that these are not included in the box. Make sure to screw the cover back on once each battery has been inserted. 

Step 2 - Select A Language

Next up it’s time for you to select a language to pray in. You can find this on the bottom right hand corner of the mat, highlighted with the language symbol. Above, you will also find the volume button that allows you to adjust how loud the speaker plays the recitations. 

Step 3 - Unfold The Mat

Remove the mat from its packaging and unfold it flat onto the ground. From here, you can fix any creases with your hands. You’ll want to make sure that the mat is completely flat and ready to use.

Step 4 - Qibla 

From here, make sure that your child is facing the Qibla. If they don’t know why this is important, you can explain to them that this is where the Ka’ba is, and why it is so important for Muslims across the world). 

Step 5 - Select Prayer 

Encourage your child to select the prayer that they want to learn by pressing the “Select Prayer” button. A sound will be revealed for each time you push the button - Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Isha. Once a prayer has been chosen and started, all of the other buttons will be deactivated, allowing your child to focus on the prayer.

Step 6 - The Prayer Begins

The prayer will begin only when your child places their feet on the foot markers near the bottom of the mat. Once they begin the prayer, they will be guided through the process, and different parts will not begin until they make contact with each part of the mat. For example, Sujood will begin when they place their nose and forehead against the mat.

Step 7 - Praise And Encouragement

Make sure to encourage and praise your child every step of the way. Depending on their age, prayer is likely to be difficult for them, so make sure you ask them questions about the process as they learn, and give them lots of praise when they answer! 

Give Your Child The Gift Of Prayer 

There are many ways you can give your child the gift of prayer. We believe that prayer should be an important life of children across the world. Prayer helps children both spiritually and physically, creating long-lasting routines that will be beneficial for them as they grow and thrive. For ideas on how you can introduce your child to prayer, check out our full range of Islamic Educational Products. 


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