MySalahMat Meets Barakah Deals

MySalahMat Meets Barakah Deals

My Salat Mat gained media entrance to the Muslim Lifestyle Show where we interviewed Zakariya Mulla, Marketing Director at Barakah Deals.


Zakariya explained that Barakah Deals provides discounts and voucher deals that are tailored towards Muslim consumers, such as Etihad Airways and Modinisa, altogether on one platform. The name barakah was chosen because it means blessings, and the deals provide a blessing as you should receive a discount.

The company started as a concept, and it was taken forward using in-house contacts; the idea was pitched, and Zakariya got a range of people onboard to work within the company, from branding to finance. The team were given tasks to do, such as designing the logo, in order to set up properly from the start and form a strategy to get consumers on board by creating a buzz around the company.



Zakariya’s advice for starting a business is to find a niche, and then conduct research before launching straight into it. Also, if it doesn’t work, leave the idea and perhaps return to it at a later date. But, he advises, once you start, put everything into it and don’t be half-hearted – do it properly initially and create a buzz around it in order to get people following you.

Here are the links to  Zakariya Mulla, Marketing Director at Barakah Deals:

Website -  https://barakahdeals.com

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/barakah.deals/