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3 Things to Say to your Children to Solidify their Faith

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In the journey of life, instilling a strong foundation of faith in our children is one of the most precious gifts we can offer. It’s a guiding light that provides them with comfort, direction, and a sense of purpose. As a community at My Salah Mat, we understand the significance of this path and offer these thoughtful conversations you can have with your children to solidify their faith and understanding.

Why We Follow the Quran

As Muslims, we are guided by the Quran, Allahs SWTs divine words that outlines what is beneficial and what is to be avoided. When talking to your children, it's crucial to communicate that these guidelines are not restrictions but rather protections. They are divine wisdom that shields us from harm. Explain that just like a parent's embrace keeps a child safe, the boundaries set by Allah protect us from spiritual and moral harm. Emphasise that adherence to these principles is a form of self-care and a means to attain peace in this life and the hereafter.Allah SWT is Always with Us

In moments of solitude or challenge, remind your children that they are never alone. Allah is always watching over us, safeguarding and guiding us. Assure them that every act of goodness they perform is seen and valued, and even when they falter, Allah's mercy is close at hand. Encourage them to do good, be it through prayer, acts of kindness, or simply being patient, and to remember that Allah’s protection is perpetual.

Getting Stronger with Every Challenge

Life is a mix of highs and lows, and being a Muslim doesn't exempt us from experiencing hardships. Instead, our faith provides us with the tools to navigate through these challenges. Share with your children the concept of divine wisdom in all occurrences and the importance of patience and gratitude. Teach them that every difficulty is followed by ease and that they are never given a burden greater than they can bear. Encourage them to see obstacles as opportunities to grow stronger in their faith and as a means to earn rewards.

By weaving these messages into your conversations, you’re not just teaching your children about the principles of Islam; you're also equipping them with a mindset that appreciates the wisdom in divine guidance. 

Bonus Tip: Connecting with Allah through Salah

We also recognize the importance of bringing them to life through practice. The Interactive Kids Prayer Mat is an innovative prayer mat designed specifically for children, to engage them in their daily prayers and help them connect more deeply with Allah (SWT). It is an interactive learning tool that guides your child through the steps of salah with fun and ease, making each prostration an act of love and each dua a moment of bonding with the Divine. Encourage your child's journey to iman and ibadah with MySalahMat, and watch as they bloom into confident and devoted Muslims, Insha'Allah.

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